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Our Services

Are you looking for getting dispatching services? We offer independent dispatch service exclusively for  Straight trucks (23/26 Ft Box Trucks).

Get qualified dispatchers to work exclusively for you with TransLog Corp!

Never worry again about where your next load is coming from. The TransLog Corp delivers peace of mind.

Finding top paying loads is our specialty, all you have to do is concentrate on driving. Let us handle all the phone calls, negotiate best rates with brokers, send load e-mails, fill out boring paperwork, work out regular lanes, and resolve all issues.

Our experienced dispatchers can also be optimized extension to your existing team, with a full range of responsibility but only for the fraction of the cost. Moreover, we can easily handle your hard to fill after hours or night shift, providing professional experience and customer satisfaction. Our dispatchers are certified by industry specialists.

Our performance based plan



dispatcher support 24/7

- Market trend analysis

- Load search/booking
- Broker verification
- Paperwork setup
- Driver assistance
- Trip coordination
- Loadboard accounts
- Broker affiliated
- Billing for factoring
- Trip calculation
- Invoicing

Plans start at 8% of gross

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